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Orphaned Fox Cubs

Posted by dorsetwildlife on April 15, 2009

Every year we take in orphaned fox cubs…The vast majority are orphaned as a direct result of Man’s actions, we seem unable to co-exist with any creatures, but foxes find ‘us’ a tough prospect in every respect………. We hunt their parents, we set snares and traps for them, we poison them, we shoot them, we dig up and destroy their earths and we kill thousands on our roads every year.  Between Feb and June, every dead adult means cubs left to go hungry…. some will survive with just one parent, as long as they are able to reach a couple of months in age. Many will not….they will simply starve to death…….. These are a few of the lucky ones……

Maeve and Maisie


Magda at five weeks old


Maisie at five weeks old



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